Dance to the rhythm
of your heart !

The Bond of Human & Music

Have you ever thought about how music is connected to human beings? From the first moment when the mother sings a lullaby for her newborn, the sound is imprinted on the psyche of the baby. After a few moments, the newborn relates this pleasant sound with safety, warmth, and love.

When a mother sings for her infant, her brain releases oxytocin just as when she breastfeeds and this chemical strengthens the bond between the mother and the child.

Feel energized

There is also a vibro-acoustic aspect of music whereby people stand together and sing a song or chant that is meaningful to them and it creates a vibration field at that moment that resembles a delicate web-connected their energy fields. When you participate in a group song or chant or even cheer in a sporting event then you will always feel energized and changed at a new level because this is very powerful.