The Ideal Silvertone Guitar – A Silvertone Lasting Signature Line?

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Like just about everything else linked to the world of music or rather the world of guitars, the material used to make the guitars can vary quite substantially, with the use of either a wood or a plastic material being more common. Certain guitars however may be among the more exclusive and hard to find, with maybe or possibly not as much use of the wood material and the ones that are wood-based are even more so. One such acoustic instrument is the Silvertone Lasting Signature Guitar proof of the much loved and long-standing relationship between Silvertone and the guitar industry.

The so-called Signature range of Silvertone guitars got its start in Kentucky with C.F. Martin & Company, who are almost people you meet every day. They sell just about everything under the sun and have been in the guitar-making business for well over two centuries. One such product, the Silvertone Lasting Signature Guitar, was also a Silvertone product, but was never sold commercially, but rather just kept to the corner of the store as opposed to the main beauty and showpiece racks like other guitars. Undocking and unboxing the guitar for the first time, even for the novice, could be a challenge. But this is one-of-a-kind and quite possibly one of the most unique and hard-to-find acoustic drums in the world, which is an ominous aspect for some folk who are quite taken with the idea of playing nothing but drums at all times.

Silvertone had a firm ambition to expand the range of drums to include a few in the series especially to do with being an excellent choice of instrument for marching bands and drum corps. Up to this day they have stuck with the Lasting range, but now the drummers have a new option to opt for, and that is the Lasting Signature range.

These acoustic drums look really attractive with their CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) heartwood veneer, which is spare, natural-looking, blends in really well with other tones colors, and doesn’t show off the patina (the effect of the wood grain on the acoustic appearance) in too extreme an extent. You can get almost any color you want on this particular drum, just choose your heartwood and opponent for they do.

The signature series is just one of the electric drums from Silvertone, which also include the Road series, the Polyton series and the Carlton range. In terms of Power, I would definitely recommend the polyton range to any drummer, which has going to be on the expensive side ( bargain!!!). These particular drums are really worth the price and will be extremely tough, Live and Hard Putting (the one compared to the entry-level Scorpions ($299.00) have the real live pins for the attachment of the thicker ( thicker than the ones in my experience), fantastic sound and really mean Tricks e.g. what a drummer!!

The Road series e.g. the model MC92DeathStar has standard plastic hardware, die cast hoops, and the coated 360-degree head. You pretty much expect the same thing on these drums, coated by the likes of Kold Kase, which only reinforces what I previously mentioned, great sound, if not for the price they’re being sold at. Priced at $ charms, you would expect the same from a brand as respected as Silvertone.

The Carlton drum, which is part of the larger indirectly pitched drum and percussion range, is just really awesome. The drum head is made from a coated Nylon six, the hardware is black chrome Jumbo, and the tires are black living tires. A really great drum for blues, jazz, ska, metal, rock, punk, Reggae, etc!! The tip is a vibrato bar, which isn’t really unusual for drum kits and brands. What is odd is the tom holder, which looks like a brush or a toothbrush. The bottom releases into a plastic compartment that holds brushes, and there are two nylon brush holders, one at the back and one at the side, as well as a metal pocket to hold your brushes.

So far, all great heads. A few have got metal hardware but these look very much less professional than the non-metal hardware.

All the drums were well covered and hung in our control room to give an idea of the look and sound of the drums, but you can get a fair picture from the pictures that are being sent to you from the factory.

If you are interested in getting your drum kit either delivered or you are a member and have not got a drum kit to play around with, don’t worry, as the kits are all basically the same, the differences being the color and hardware.

There is a wide range of drum kits to choose from, all catering to different genres and musical styles.