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The GetSaveAsFilename Method. The GetSaveAsFilename method works just like the GetOpenFilename method, but it displays the Save As dialog box rather than its Open dialog box. The GetSaveAsFilename method gets a path and filename from the user but doesn’t do anything with it. 28/08/2007 · I have made my own custom Open and Save As procedures that I attach to the command buttons in the "File" menu. These procedures are using the GetOpenFilename & GetSaveAsFilename functions. My dilemma is that I want the dialog boxes that open from these. Does anyone know how in pure VBA code to tweak the layout of the comdlg32 FileOpen dialog? I have an application which needs to run on any Excel version from 2000 upwards My app FileOpen procedure uses GetOpenFilename and needs a functioning set of FileFilters, - which precludes Excel's Application.GetOpenFilename.

Pick the Perfect Location with Get SaveAsFilename. Last Updated on Fri,. Both GetOpenFilename and GetSaveAsFilename return full filenames, meaning you get the storage path and the filename. it is simple to break the name down into the path- and filename components using the VBA. Name Application.GetSaveAsFilename[InitialFilename], [FileFilter], [FilterIndex], [Title], [ButtonText] Synopsis Displays the Save File As dialog box and returns a filename or False- Selection from Programming Excel with VBA and.NET [Book]. GetSaveAsFileName on a Mac. FName = False 'Call VBA GetSaveAsFilename 'Note: InitialFilename is the only parameter that works on a Mac FName = Application.GetSaveAsFilename. For custom GetOpenFilename code to select files on a Mac you can visit this page. SaveFile Macro is using GetSaveAsFilename method of Application object for opening save as dialog box and assigning the file name, and selecting the location for saving the workbook. Application.GetSaveAsFilename Method. GetSaveAsFilename method. 09/08/2012 · Similar to GetOpenFilename, the Application object has another method called GetSaveAsFilename. This one displays the standard Save dialog box. Just like with GetOpenFilename, you can test whether the result equals False to determine if the user clicked the Cancel button. Other similarities are: The.

11/04/2012 · Why does "GetSaveAsFilenameInitialFilename, FileFilter, FilterIndex, Title, ButtonText" not display the Initialfilename proposed if the used variable contains a dot. 17/09/2014 · Hi, in my workplace migration to windows 7 and office 2010 is now taking place and unforeseen issues appear:confused: one of them is that when attempting to save a file, we use application.GetSaveAsFilenameinitialFileName:=myDefaultName but even though myDefaultName is correctly initialized, it does not show when the dialog opens anyone. 18/08/2017 · get current workbook path for Application.GetSaveAsFilename vba;. get current workbook path for Application.GetSaveAsFilename vba. I haven't tested it but I use it for something I have for selecting files to open that uses GetOpenFilename. My money is.

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